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Why You Age And What You Can Do To Slow Aging & Live A Longer Life

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It is not a secret that man is forever searching for the Elixir Of Youth or sometimes known as the Fountain of Youth. 
This fascination with the conception of staying young forever can also be linked to man's desire to live forever,
however impossible it may seem.

With today's advanced  technologies and sciences, it seems we are getting nearer to discovering the  Elixir Of Youth. But, to completely  understand the true meaning of acquiring eternal life or to live a very long life, we must first understand the process of aging.  The question to ask is "Why do we age?".

To answer this question, scientist have found a term that refers  to the human aging process - senescence.  According to Wikipedia, senescence  or biological aging  is the gradual deterioration of function characteristic of most complex lifeforms. However, it is also stated that "senescence is not the inevitable fate of all organisms..."

Moreover, the effects of senescence or biological aging vary among different species.  The example of a bat & a rodent has baffled scientists for some time.  Both of these animals are classified as mammals and both are of the same size. Yet the bat  can live up to 30 years while the rodent usually lives up to only two to three years. Better still, some other animal species such as rockfish, turtles, and lobsters can live even longer lives.  Some of these species can even live for an unbelievable span of 200 years. These animals are said to possess negligible senescence.

But don't be too happy because scientists have found that  this "negligible senescence “ is unique to these animals and human beings, who   live under a completely different environment, do not have such traits.
So the  best that we  can do for now is to first understand the various factors that cause  aging and address these factors accordingly.

What are the  factors that cause aging and what can you do about them?

1) One very obvious factor is stress.

The almost daily  beatings and punishments that our bodies take can lead to hormone disturbance which can ultimately lead to cell damage and aging.  

What you can do: So be gentle with yourself and take enough rest from work and other forms of stress. Sleep well and rest well after a hard day's work. Listen to relaxing music or engage in your favourite past time to simply unwind. Also exercising can help relax your body if you do not over exert yourself.

2) The hypothalamus.

What in the world is that?  Te hypothalamus is a gland that literally "controls" the flow of hormones to the other glands in your body in order for your body to function optimally.  However as we age, this powerful gland becomes weary and does not do its work as well. Thus an imbalance of hormones occur and body cells can be damaged and result in more rapid aging of the body.

What you can do:   One way to combat the toll of aging today is through the consumption of high quality HGH  or Human Growth Hormone precursors like  GenF20™ . These are not actual  hormones but supplements that can help induce your body to produce more healthy hormones naturally.  

3) External environmental factors.

These factors can also cause pre mature aging. Pollution, radiation, contaminants and poor nutrition  cause damage to human cells.  As we already know, our bdy cells play a crucial role in the aging process because they contain valuable information for the human body's development.  

What you can do:  Beware of what you eat and put into your stomach.  Eat proper nutritious food and avoid a fatty diet or junk food. Although you can't do much about pollution and radiation completely, you can avoid places with known high pollution or devices that can leak radiation.

4) Harmful free radicals

Free radicals are  reactive(or volatile) chemicals and are responsible for inflicting damage to the human body's tissues. These free radicals are released when oxidation takes place during consumption of food.     

What you can do: You can  take vitamin C, vitamin E & other anti-oxidant supplements to combat stress and to balance out the damage induced by free radicals in the body.

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