The Elixir Of Youth : Useful Anti-aging Tips


fountainofyouthDoes the Elixir Of Youth (or Elixir Of Life) really exists?. That’s a really cool question. Unfortunately, the Elixir of Youth, in the strictest sense, is still a dream but scientists are getting closer and closer to a solution to help us stop aging each passing day. Until that day arrive, the best you can do is to reduce or slow down the effects of aging on your body.

The Baby Boomers are feeling it right now. Even if you were born after the baby booming years (after 1945), there is no escaping the negative effects on aging. It will come, sooner than you think.

Actually, you know its time to do something about your body when :-

  • The only thing that is consistently stiff is your joints
  • Food labels at close distance are a BIG blur
  • Young people start giving up their seats for you on buses and trains
  • Your waistline seems to grow at their accord (without you doing anything)
  • The person in the mirror looks more and more like your dad/mom in their later years

But can you really stop aging? Or even reverse aging? No, you can’t prevent or stop the aging process (not yet, anyway) and therefore cannot live or look young – forever.  Juan Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth (or some call it the Elixir Of Youth) remains an elusive dream.  However, there are ways for you to reduce the effects of aging….

Don’t despair, there is hope yet… Although you can’t stop aging, you can slow down the aging process and look years younger than your peers if you have the right information on fighting aging. As you know, there are many anti aging products on sale everywhere, online and offline. Some work , some are simply scams.  This website aims to give you the right information on what works and what don’t…

Here are 5 ways you can combat or reduce the effects of aging :

  1. [Share This on Twitter] Calories Reduction Calories reduction means exactly what it says – reducing the intake of calories while maintaining a normal diet regarding other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Studies on rats have shown that reducing the intake of calories can help delay the rate of aging. Read on …
  2. [Share This on Twitter] Anti Oxidants Before we understand what anti-oxidants do, we need to know what causes aging. One of the most popular theory of aging is that of the harmful effects of “free radicals”. What are these and how can anti-oxidants help? Read on ….
  3. [Share This on Twitter] Regular Exercises & Sex This one is no-brainer. Everyone and their dog know that regular exercises are good for them. But sex? What has sex got to so with anti-aging? Read on
  4. [Share This on Twitter] Positive Attitude A positive attitude towards things and events is an anti-aging remedy. Just how true is this? Read on
  5. [Share This on Twitter] Human Growth Hormones Human Growth Hormones(or HGH) are all the rage with Baby Boomers who want to “turn back the clock”.

Browse around this website for more information on anti-aging products and how to fight aging so that you look years younger and live a better life.  Even though the Elixir Of Youth  is still far from reality, don’t give up hope, you can still look younger than your real biological age.